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PHOTO CREDIT: Cristo Rey NY High School


We support students who have talent and determination but whose opportunity to excel is limited because of their economic circumstances.

One way we provide this support is through scholarships, which to date have been to attend Catholic schools. In addition to scholarships, we have made grants to organizations that help students to access and graduate from college, and other programs that create opportunities. We also have emergency cash grant programs at colleges to help students stay in school in a time of need. Read more about our emergency cash grant programs.

“Access to a quality education is not automatic for people in our society. Somebody has to help. What I want to do is help young people who have the capacity, have the commitment, and are willing to work hard, but the hurdle is they are consigned to a poor performing school and cannot escape without financial resources their families cannot afford.” - LOUIS V. GERSTNER, JR.

Our Grantees

Major Education Grants

Grants listed below may be from the Gerstner Family Foundation or another Gerstner family philanthropic vehicle. Amounts may reflect cumulative annual grants or multi-year grants. To see annual amounts, please see listings of grants paid each year.

  • Chaminade High School

    Mineola, NY | Visit Website

    To support the Access-for-All Program.


    To support the science, technology, and research center.


  • Dartmouth College

    Hanover, NH | Visit Website

    To establish the Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. Scholarship Program.


    To establish the Louis V. Gerstner Jr. 1963 Scholarship Fund.


  • Diocese of Palm Beach Schools

    Palm Beach, FL | Visit Website

    To fund the Gerstner High School Scholars program.


    To establish the Gerstner Junior Scholarships at St. Luke’s Elementary School.


  • The Partnership for Inner-City Education

    New York, NY | Visit Website

    To provide K-8 scholarships at selected Partnership Catholic schools.


    To support the after-school program at St. Athanasius School.


    To fund high school scholarships.


  • Seton Education Partners

    New York, NY | Visit Website

    To support the renovation of the St. Pius building project.


    To support the renovation and launch of new Brilla Charter Schools.


Education News